Aveyond Cooking: Gyendal and Mel charaben/kyara-ben (character bento)

I figured I would populate my blog with at least something…

This is actually a rather old creation that I made on Black Friday 2012. I woke up extra-early that day, so I thought I’d cook myself a rather extravagant lunch. Here’s human!Gyendal-and-Mel bento, based on my own interpretations of how they look like.


Aren’t they simply adorable?

This is my first time making something this complicated so I sort of misjudged a few things and accidentally made the faces too big. And then I didn’t have much room left for the other decorations. Now I know better.

I didn’t have salmon flakes, which was the most recommended item to tint rice a skintone colour, so I just used brown rice. Gyendal is dark because… that’s just how I imagined him to be. Him and Te’ijal, actually, but Te’ijal’s not in this picture so that’s something else. Anyways, the brown colour is from dark soy sauce and turkey soboro (recipe and explanation here). I misjudged the colour of the soboro, and it came out too light, so I had to mix soy sauce into the rice as well to get the colour I wanted.

The orange lump in the top left corner was supposed to be sunset, made of scrambled egg mixed with carrots and ketchup. The unidentified lump brown lump above Gyendal’s head is a bleeding-heart turkey “burger”, made simply out of mince turkey.

The black hair and facial features are made out of nori (seaweed)  sheets. When I was planning out this bento, I was seriously confused about Gyendal’s white hair streaks and Mel’s ribbon. I figured I would use fried egg for those. Then when I went to the Asian grocery store for the nori, I found this packet of coloured soy sushi wrappers, so I just used that instead. It’s far easier than separating and cooking eggs too.

This has been a successful meal, considering I totally didn’t know what I was doing. Tasty too. I’m not too keen on trying this again with other characters soon, just because a lot of the crazy colours would require me buying extra food products that I don’t normally use, but maybe I can at least do Galahad and Te’ijal. Other than Galahad’s blue eyes, the rest of the colours aren’t hard to do.


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