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Samurai Warriors anime, woo~

OKay, I don’t play Samurai Warriors (SW) because I don’t have the device to play it with, but still. I love their character design and I like how they handle history. PLENTY OF ACCURACY AND FUN THINGS IN THE DETAILS, YAAAY!!!


Left: Hideyoshi’s armour in real life, Right: Samurai Warriors 4

Only the helmet is accurate, but helmets are more identifiable than the armour set anyway. The rest of the suit are more or less identical from one samurai to the other, so I’m cool with spicing them up a little to give the character more individuality.

So naturally I’m all excited when I heard that they’re finally releasing an anime!! I’m more fond of the SW3 designs than SW4, which was the designs the anime’s using, but I take what I can get. Better yet? The music for the OP and ED are composed by one of my favourite bands, Wagakki Band, whose unique style involves fusing traditional instruments (like shamisen and bamboo flute) with modern rock music. This is the anime’s opening song:

I already know from the get-go that this would start with Odawara, because Yukimura is our poster boy and of course the story has to be about him, and I guess he didn’t really do much in real life before Odawara, but I was still sad I didn’t get to see the “oldies” like Shingen and Kenshin and Nobunaga and their retainers. Heck, I even want to see Akechi, even though pretty-face Akechi irritates me to no end. I understand it’s for fanservice, but I think at some point people started to forget that Akechi Mitsuhide was, in fact, OLDER THAN KENSHIN OR NOBUNAGA OR HIDEYOSHI OR IEYASU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Nobu, Shingen, and Kenshin all only had some 3 seconds’ worth of cameo each in the beginning of the episodes, as “those who desired to unify the nation but failed”.


Hi, Nobu!


Aaaand… goodbye, Nobu!

Pffft, but hey, now I know what the back of Nobunaga’s armour looked like. I’ve always wanted to draw that absurd fantasy-RPG-WTF armour of his *sarcasm*

I’ve only watched the first episode, so there’s not much to comment on yet, but first impressions behind the cut~!!

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No Love for Hideyoshi?

Everywhere I turn, I see Nobunaga all over the place. So many manga and anime and movies with him as the main focus! Nobunaga no Chef, Onna Nobunaga, Nobunaga the Fool, Mister Zippangu, Blazing Nobunaga, etc etc etc, oh dear make it stop. Even Akechi has some love (The Man God Hated, Haou no Tsuki, Kanashi no Homura). And Masamune proudly graces the covers of a whole lot of Sengoku books.

I haven’t seen a Hideyoshi manga or anime yet. Not unless you count Hide Yoshino from Sengoku Otome, but that’s kind of a stretch.

Samurai otome games are popping up left and right and I barely see Hideyoshi ever. Surprise! The womanizer type are actually popular among otome fans, yanno, so why not? Rather than shoving in Yukimura or Masamune anachronistically. And why is he always yellow? Like yellow hair or yellow clothes or both. I know he liked gold and his golden gourd insignia is famous, but come on. Doesn’t mean he has to look and/or act like Naruto all the time.

It’s not that hard to dress him in colours that isn’t yellow

Nothing against the other folks, but Hideyoshi is more influential than Masamune historically. Ieyasu may have maintained the peace for 260 years, but Hideyoshi was still the one who finished the unification. Give the guy a little credit. He went kind of bonkers at the end, but… Nobunaga was bonkers too. A lot of people still love him regardless. And if I’m just missing out on things, it still means that there ain’t much attention being put on the things.

I woulda thought the rags-to-riches story would have attracted people more. Guess not. What, because there’s too little info on him? Gotta admit that a lot of the stuff we have on him are questionable as heck… But lack of information hasn’t stopped people from creative. And people got creative even when the info WAS there (Sengoku Basara, Sengoku Otome, Sengoku Strays, Nobuna no Yabou). Soooo…

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The Honnoji Incident places

While in Kyoto last time, I failed to locate the Honnoji landmarks and it aggravated me to no end.

Now I’m armed with maps and IF I ever have a chance to go there again, I will make sure to visit them properly goshdarnit.

Honnoji incident map

This map was based on the pre-existing Japanese maps I saw online and the notes in the Shinchou-Ko ki. Because it’s not like there are anything left to see there anymore it doesn’t actually matter XD

But some folks still think that the present-day Myokakuji is THE Myokakuji that Nobunaga’s son had stayed in during the incident, and that’s not right. So, you know, just in case. The present-day Myokakuji is, like, a few miles north from this area, so if Nobutada really had stayed there it makes no sense for him to run down to Nijo and fight. He might as well just run out of Kyoto altogether and not die.

Ack, if my annotations aren’t clear, Nijo is the one with Manga Museum. Myokakuji is the one next to it. Depending on which map you look at the area of Myokakuji is either the circled area, the dotted area, or BOTH.

Honnoji incident map 2

The Honnoji landmarks are a bit tricky to find, but… one of them is located in front of an office/building. One of the blogs I saw suggested that if anyone’s trying to look for it, it might be better to look for the building instead: [京都市立堀川高校本能学舎].  I tried Google-mapping it, but I can’t find that place either, so… er… You’ll just have to loo around and try.

The Nijo castle landmark is supposedly somewhere in the area of the Manga Museum. Do not mistake this for the “Old Nijo” that was built for shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki (there’s actually more than one Nijo around here). But if you want to see the Old Nijo anyway, this landmark is located in Heian Jogakuin University [平安女学院大学入学センター]

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More charabento~


Taira no Noritsune from the Otoge “Shall We Date?: Destiny NInja”

That’s not a typo, BTW. I don’t even know if “?” and “:” can be put next to each other like that, but meeeh. Not a problem.


Oda Nobunaga from Shall We Date?: Ninja Love

We need more samurai otome games, dammit. 90% of the otome games in the market are modern day stories and after 10 dozen titles, they’re starting to get repetitive.

Developers. Stahp!!! You have samurai games in your inventory. RELEASE THEM IN ENGLISH. Just because we’re not Japanese doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate samurai and/or Japanese history.

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