More charabento~


Taira no Noritsune from the Otoge “Shall We Date?: Destiny NInja”

That’s not a typo, BTW. I don’t even know if “?” and “:” can be put next to each other like that, but meeeh. Not a problem.


Oda Nobunaga from Shall We Date?: Ninja Love

We need more samurai otome games, dammit. 90% of the otome games in the market are modern day stories and after 10 dozen titles, they’re starting to get repetitive.

Developers. Stahp!!! You have samurai games in your inventory. RELEASE THEM IN ENGLISH. Just because we’re not Japanese doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate samurai and/or Japanese history.


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  1. 1

    Love the food art! Any tips? I still have a rough time doing kyaraben, myself. 😦

    • 2

      angelrenoir said,

      Ahah, I have no general tips to give ^_^;; I’ve always loved doing handicrafts, so I just treat the food pieces like I do the crafting materials (clay, paper, beads, etc) XD

      But maybe I can help you solve your problems? Which parts are you having difficulties with?

      • 3

        Cutting Seaweed! Hehe. The Metallic Sliver Bento ended up being freehand because of the two times I tried tracing it out, I destroyed it and on one instance cut myself. D:

      • 4

        angelrenoir said,

        Oh my… I don’t use anything special, though. I usually just cut with scissors for the seaweed.

        But I’ve seen tips telling you to cut it with Exacto knife. I haven’t tried the Exacto knife technique because mine is all dirty from art projects, LOL.

      • 5

        I cut myself trying the exacto knife technique. ToT
        But ill keep that in mind with the seaweed. Id have better luck with scissors and punches with that, lol. 🙂

      • 6

        angelrenoir said,

        Ouch! >.<

        Punchers and scissors are the best bet, then XD Most of the charaben videos I see use scissors and/or decorative punchers you use for scrapbooking. The exacto knife thing was just for particularly-elaborate designs.

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