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Pretty, pretty sword boys~

A lot of my friends are obsessed with Touken Ranbu.


I don’t understand about it much except that it’s something about “Collecting personified swords and battle against evil”. Naturally nobody really cares much about the game’s “plot” or “play”. They’re in it for the sword boys. It’s like Hetalia all over again, except… these are famous tachi and katana and wakizashi and tantou throughout Japanese history.

I don’t have any particular interest in swords myself, except for those tied to warlords I’m interested about because stories surrounding the sword can give me more insight to the lords. So this could be good a springboard for more research for me.

The only swords that I know of are Akechi and Nobunaga’s because they were referenced in Samurai Warriors, and only Nobunaga’s one showed up in this one. Heshikiri Hasebe, a sword forged by Hasebe Kunishige:

He rather looks like a strange pastor, maybe because of Nobunaga’s connection to the Jesuit missionaries?

Named “Heshikiri” (pressure-cutter) because supposedly the sword was sharp enough to cut through a cupboard or desk just by applying slight pressure and not using actual physical strength. As the story goes, Nobunaga was angry at his tea servant Kannai, and chased the poor servant with the sword. Kannai tried to hide under a desk (or behind a cupboard), but Nobunaga found him and slashed him straight through the object he’s hiding in.

… yeah, see? That kind of story is interesting to me. I don’t give a darn about the sword itself. The length, the curvature, and whatever other stuff sword afficionados might take note of… Not my thing. I do sometimes take note of the smith’s name or the school he’s from, but yeah…

Also, there’s one sword that I’m particularly fond of because of its macabre name, but it didn’t show up in Touken Ranbu so I tried designing a human form for the sword:

It was fun, both designing the guy and editing the screenshot to make a fake “sword get” screenshot for him, hahah.

The name’s Okadagiri Yoshifusa, made by swordsmith Yoshifusa of the Fukuoka Ichimonji school. It was one of Nobunaga’s swords that was later inherited by his son Nobukatsu. The name “Okadagiri” was given because Nobukatsu used the sword to slay his retainer Okada. As Okada had been trying to broker peace between Nobukatsu and Hideyoshi, this slaying eventually led to the Battle of Komaki-Nagakute.

Heshikiri may also have been named in a servant-slaying incident, but at least the name wasn’t so blatant D:
If we didn’t know better, “pressure-cutter” could mean anything at all!


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Super Secret Aveyond Project

Amaranth Games is making a very special release for Aveyond 3 soon, so I’m working on something special to celebrate it. I plan to put it up for public view along with the official release, or at least soon after. I’m not part of the development team, nor am I involved much in the process beyond beta-testing, so I only have rough estimates of when it will be launched.

My guess is that I have at least until early summer. I try to finish as much of the project as possible, but if I was not finished by the time of the release, I think I will post whatever I have and update as I go.

A secret is a secret, but I can say that this involves art/drawing.

Some teasers/samples:

Sparkle sparkly Gyen

^This was the initial “teaser” that I posted once the first round of beta-testing was done.

Gyen and Tei shoujo-ish
^Design sketches.

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