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Happy Birthday(?) Hideyoshi charabento

Weelll… according to Wikipedia Hideyoshi’s birthday is in March, but the dates differe between the Japanese and the English Wiki. Wiki JP says it’s 17 March, Wiki EN says it’s… 26 or 27, I forgot.

I made this on the 17th, but blugh, I’m not fond of WordPress’s rather tedious way of posting so I completely forgot to crosspost it here after posting it on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s an omurice of sorts.

Classic omurice has chicken fried rice inside, but I felt like having salmon that day, so it’s salmon fried rice instead. If that discounts it from being an omurice, then whatever.

His face is made out of canned tuna. It made his face look all lumpy and everything, but I don’t have better alternatives. Smoked ham is too dark, and unlike in the US we don’t have smoked turkey around here *sigh* There’s the obvious nori sheets, and then there’s sliced carrotsand some tomato.

Didn’t have nice flowery cookie cutters so I cut out the darn flowers manually with a knife. And I think the gourd umajirushi don’t stand out enough against the omelette. I should’ve added more ketchup, I guess. Those gourds was made from mashed potatoes and I thought they would’ve been pale enough to stand out against the yellow background, but then it turns out that it wasn’t, so I tried to make it dark instead by added ketchup, buuuuut it still isn’t quite enough.


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More charabento~


Taira no Noritsune from the Otoge “Shall We Date?: Destiny NInja”

That’s not a typo, BTW. I don’t even know if “?” and “:” can be put next to each other like that, but meeeh. Not a problem.


Oda Nobunaga from Shall We Date?: Ninja Love

We need more samurai otome games, dammit. 90% of the otome games in the market are modern day stories and after 10 dozen titles, they’re starting to get repetitive.

Developers. Stahp!!! You have samurai games in your inventory. RELEASE THEM IN ENGLISH. Just because we’re not Japanese doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate samurai and/or Japanese history.

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Aveyond Cooking: Gyendal and Mel charaben/kyara-ben (character bento)

I figured I would populate my blog with at least something…

This is actually a rather old creation that I made on Black Friday 2012. I woke up extra-early that day, so I thought I’d cook myself a rather extravagant lunch. Here’s human!Gyendal-and-Mel bento, based on my own interpretations of how they look like.


Aren’t they simply adorable?

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