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Super Secret Aveyond Project

Amaranth Games is making a very special release for Aveyond 3 soon, so I’m working on something special to celebrate it. I plan to put it up for public view along with the official release, or at least soon after. I’m not part of the development team, nor am I involved much in the process beyond beta-testing, so I only have rough estimates of when it will be launched.

My guess is that I have at least until early summer. I try to finish as much of the project as possible, but if I was not finished by the time of the release, I think I will post whatever I have and update as I go.

A secret is a secret, but I can say that this involves art/drawing.

Some teasers/samples:

Sparkle sparkly Gyen

^This was the initial “teaser” that I posted once the first round of beta-testing was done.

Gyen and Tei shoujo-ish
^Design sketches.


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