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More game-making updates

My adventures with game development is REALLY sporadic. Despite having an idea of what I want to make and how to make it, for whatever reason whenever I open the engine I get mentally bombarded with “But I haven’t got XYZ ready yet! I can’t make anything!!!” And then I don’t feel like worknig on the game anymore. It’s silly, but it happens *sigh*

But I’m slowly starting to make the necessary things for the project. My dad gave me the idea of making the game somewhat South East Asia-themed. Something like “What if Takayama Ukon went down to South East Asia under happier circumstances, instead of because he was being chased by the government for beign a Christian” kind of thing. But in the end we just threw out history altogether and make it into a random samurai guy on a diplomacy/sightseeing trip down SEA.

Aaaand one of our stops is pesudo-Singapore:


Now it kind of feels funny bringing this up because Lee Kuan Yew just passed away earlier today, but… eh…

Anyways. If you never heard of it before, the original(?) name for Singapore is Singapura, which means “Lion City”. Singa = Lion, Pura = city. So in this game the “singa” is like the kingdom’s royal mascot or something, heh. Originally for this quest I was gonna use the default chimera as the “singa”, or maybe the Byakko from the special Japan-themed graphics pack, but I thought “Heck, it’s Singapore. It’s not Singapore without the Merlion.”

So I made a merlion:

Merlion edits

It’s cobbled together from some kind of fish monster and the Guardian Lion-dog thingy (komainu). It’s ugly and terrible and horrid, and I love it XD

Now to make the pixel form. It’s the painful part, because for whatever reason the Japan pack doesn’t have the sprite version of the komainu. I guess I’ll just… try fiddling with the tiger sprite or something.


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Trying to actually do something with my interest in samurai

And making use of the samurai RTP for RPG Maker that I’ve got sitting around for a good long while.

1) King of Cakes

This game is more like the WTF fantasy type with nonsense and sparkles everywhere and who cares about history. But if that’s what it takes to get me to stop thinking too much about accuracy and actually go make something, then so be it.


That room is based on the audience hall I saw in Nijo Palace in Kyoto. Woo! Now to decide how do I want to work with this. Everyone’s into RMVX Ace lately, and I haven’t caught up on the news yet. I haven’t touched RPG Maker for so long OTL

2) Untitled for now

I got into Visual Novels/otome games lately, aaaaaand I also have this deep love for digital painting. I’ve always thought digital-painted games are amazing beautiful forever, which is why I also love Hidden Object games. I figure Visual Novels done in those kind of visuals could be interesting (if expensive and potentially taxing to make).

Fakey scene 2

Dumbass samurai overlords are adorable XD

The background is something I picked up online just to test the character sprite and textbox.

This one’s meant to be more historically accurate, but I can’t find an excuse plot just yet because I want to feature the poor, ignored sons of big-name samurai. I mean, come on, folks like Uesugi Kenshin and Oda Nobunaga are great and everything, but I think it’s more fun to hear about them poor kids’ struggles precisely because they have such amazing dads :3

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