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No Love for Hideyoshi?

Everywhere I turn, I see Nobunaga all over the place. So many manga and anime and movies with him as the main focus! Nobunaga no Chef, Onna Nobunaga, Nobunaga the Fool, Mister Zippangu, Blazing Nobunaga, etc etc etc, oh dear make it stop. Even Akechi has some love (The Man God Hated, Haou no Tsuki, Kanashi no Homura). And Masamune proudly graces the covers of a whole lot of Sengoku books.

I haven’t seen a Hideyoshi manga or anime yet. Not unless you count Hide Yoshino from Sengoku Otome, but that’s kind of a stretch.

Samurai otome games are popping up left and right and I barely see Hideyoshi ever. Surprise! The womanizer type are actually popular among otome fans, yanno, so why not? Rather than shoving in Yukimura or Masamune anachronistically. And why is he always yellow? Like yellow hair or yellow clothes or both. I know he liked gold and his golden gourd insignia is famous, but come on. Doesn’t mean he has to look and/or act like Naruto all the time.

It’s not that hard to dress him in colours that isn’t yellow

Nothing against the other folks, but Hideyoshi is more influential than Masamune historically. Ieyasu may have maintained the peace for 260 years, but Hideyoshi was still the one who finished the unification. Give the guy a little credit. He went kind of bonkers at the end, but… Nobunaga was bonkers too. A lot of people still love him regardless. And if I’m just missing out on things, it still means that there ain’t much attention being put on the things.

I woulda thought the rags-to-riches story would have attracted people more. Guess not. What, because there’s too little info on him? Gotta admit that a lot of the stuff we have on him are questionable as heck… But lack of information hasn’t stopped people from creative. And people got creative even when the info WAS there (Sengoku Basara, Sengoku Otome, Sengoku Strays, Nobuna no Yabou). Soooo…


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